Murad Acne Facial Treatment Product Review

Murad Acne Facial Treatment Product Review - This is the only stuff that works for me. I have had acne since I was a teenager. I still have it, and I'm 31. If I consistently use this, it pretty much takes care of all my acne. I am not an extreme case, but I average about five or six noticeable pimples on any given day. This reduces them down to a minimally noticeable two or three.

I have dry/combination skin. If any of you have skin like mine, here is my acne advice. Hot wet washcloth scrub every morning and night. Use moisturizer with some alpha hydroxy. When you have dry skin, it is important to exfoliate because flaking skin will clog your pores and cause the acne. But don't be too harsh. Change your pillowcase! If you have long hair and don't wash it at night, put it back in a ponytail before going to bed. Exercise. It helps circulation under the skin and destresses. Stress can also cause acne, so find other ways to destress. Drink lots of water and get good sleep. I've also found that vitamins and fish oil pills help.

Murad Acne Facial Treatment Product Review
Murad Acne Product

I love this product!!! As soon as I feel the onset of a zit, I just apply Murad Acne Spot Treatment a couple of times a day until the blemish goes away. This product does not burn or sting when applied nor does it dry out my face. In addition to controlling my future breakouts, this product also soothes and reduces the inflamed skin around the blemish area.

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