Preventing Acne in Teens

How To Preventing Acne in Teens - Acne is a very annoying problem for many teenagers and even for some adults. It is often thought of as a raging hormone problem in teens. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent acne in teen this recurring embarrassment.

The biggest solutions for ridding oneself of this malady are with diet, exercise, and therapies. More nutritious foods need to be included in the diet. Acne-promoting foods should be eliminated.

So what are the big causes of acne? It is usually caused by too much junk food or too many animal products, especially dairy. The biggest problems with the junk food are the high amounts of fat and the low amounts of fiber.

One problem with consuming an excess of animal products is that they tend to be high in saturated fat, and dead animal flesh which contributes to infection. They also are high in hormones. Teens with hormones that are already unstable do not need to be consuming so many products that have hormones in them.

Dairy products tend to be high in hormones. Milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and butter come from cows that are pregnant and in the nursing mode. Today's cows have additional hormones given to them in order to promote higher milk production, which contributes to more hormones consumed.

Most junk foods tend to be high in fat. Consider the examples of candy bars, chips, pastries, fries, and shakes. The fat in these products are primarily stored by the body and contribute to more hormone spikes.

Another problem comes when too many refined foods are eaten. The colon can become sludgy. The body then becomes unclean. Consequently, one manifestation is on the face in the form of infection or "zits".

What is the solution to this facial disaster? There are many methods that can improve this acne condition. Fasting, colon cleanses, exercise and healthy diet.

Fasting is one quick way to help the body to cleanse. A 24-hr fast once a week or once a month should prove helpful. A colon cleanse helps the body to cleanse and function better.

There are colon cleansing products on the market today. Examples of these are Metamucil, psyllium hulls, Herbal Fiber Blend, and many others. Taken daily, there can be improvement towards a more efficient digestive system.

The best choices of all would be the use of exercise and diet. Exercise improves circulation and bodily functions to promote an effective release of toxins and hormones. Using a treadmill while watching TV would be a smarter choice than sitting on the couch.

Diet choices should include more high-fiber and wholesome choices. It would be wonderful if you could get teens to eat a lot more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans. However, since this can seem overwhelming, it would be wise to at least encourage them to make one improvement each week.

may be this one should be worry in teens about Overcoming Chest Acne before the Preventing Acne in Teens.

Eventually, they will be on the road to greatly improved health and looks. Looking better and feeling healthier will be a great incentive to maintaining a new and better lifestyle.

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